Baseus 360°rotation Daul input Digital display Car Charger Glod

৳ 1,080

Product Features:

  • 360° rotating head for convenient and comfortable use and to prevent cable damage
  • Dual USB, 4.8A quick charging
  • Digital display which shows current and voltage
  • Anti-skid shrapnel keeps the charger firmly in place to prevent interruption
  • Flash charging, adaptive to different devices to protect the battery. Intelligent current distribution and automatic switching to trickle charge mode when your battery is nearly at full charge.
  • The Digital display of voltage offers a secondary function of allowing you see the health of your car’s battery. If the display drops below 12.2V then this might indicate a problematic battery (this is a guide only and we do not suggest or advice regarding car maintenance – always use a professional).
  • Intelligent chips provide short circuit protection, over voltage protection, over current protection, over temperature protection, and anti-interference protection
  • 1 year warranty
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Highly practical and stunning 360° rotation design in-car charger featuring dual USB ports, 4.8A charging and a digital display showing voltage and current.

This stunning addition to our range of in-car chargers features an aesthetically pleasing, highly intelligent design which is both fashionable and functional.


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